Mia Khalifa
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All Mia Khalifa fans know that she is a huge sports fan, especially that of basketball and hockey. She constantly tweets about her favourite players and teams, making it a point to congratulate them whenever they do a good job.

When the NBA star Stephen Curry recorded a near triple-double with 26 points, nine rebounds and nine assists during the winning game against the Phoenix Suns on Feb. 10, 2016, Khalifa was impressed. The avid basketball fan tweeted in appreciation, even calling the Golden State Warriors player's talent inhuman.

"Damn. Steph Currys played in 47 wins this season, sat out the 4th qtr in 15 of them, and still leads the league in scoring. He is not human. 266 retweets 712 likes Reply Retweet 266 Like 712"

Her love for basketball was also evident when she shared a text conversation with her friend. She made a pun about the Washington Wizards player Bradley Beal in the text to a friend who is clearly illiterate about basketball.

The popular pornstar is also a fan of hockey, and expressed her love for the Russian hockey player and the captain of the Washington Capitals when he scored his first hat trick since 2013 during the game against Chicago Blackhawks. The five-time winner of the Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy definitely has a fan in Khalifa.