After International pop sensation, Rihanna extended her support to the ongoing farmers protest in India several other global celebrities, public figures and activists expressed solidarity drawing attention to the farmers' movement against the three agricultural laws.

Mia Khalifa, Great Thunberg, Lily Singh, Amanda Cerny Human Rights Watch and even "God" came out in support and drew attention to the farmers' agitation. 

Farmers protest

It all began when Rihanna, on Tuesday, reacted to a news piece talking about the protest on Twitter and wrote: "Why aren't we talking about this? #FarmersProtest ." The pop star's tweet has been widely shared by netizens.

Here's are all the International voices in support of the farmer's protest


 Greta Thunberg

Lily Singh 

Amanda Cerny  

Human Rights Watch 


India: the world's largest soon-to-be-former democracy. — God (@TheTweetOfGod) February 2, 2021

 Mia Khalifa: 

Meena Harris

 Jagmeet Singh