Mia Khalifa
Mia KhalifaTwitter/Mia Khalifa

As all Mia Khalifa fans know, she is a huge fan of all sports, especially basketball. It is no surprise she was at the NBA game Saturday, Feb. 20, 2016, night to watch Miami Heat vs Washington Wizards live at the American Airlines Arena.

However, when she started doubting if her presence was a bad omen for the Wizards, her fans consoled her saying it wasn't possible. The Lebanese porn star had posted on Twitter: "When the Wizards are 0-3 at games you go to so you leave after the first qtr... Please don't let me be a bad omen (sic)".

Her loyal fans responded almost immediately:

Andres Gonzalez: "No idea why they keep losing but is not because of you. They better start winning cause i bet on them because of you (sic)"

Cummings Burton: "You could never be a bad anything Mia. (sic)"

The Prophet: "You are a good luck charm (sic)"

Whether or not Khalifa is a bad omen, the Wizards ended up losing to the Heat 114-94. There were quite a few trolls that tried to add to her disappointment at seeing her team lose, who posted comments such as "You ruined my night" and "when Washington plays philly... You should attend lol (sic)".

None of those haters could faze Khalifa, because at the end of the day, she knows those who matter will always love her.