Rohit Sharma asks crowd to stop booing Hardik Pandya
Rohit Sharma asks crowd to stop booing Hardik PandyaTwitter

Mumbai Indians might have been three matches down, but the crowd still hasn't accepted Hardik Pandya as the new captain. Ever since Rohit Sharma being replaced as the MI captain and Pandya taking over, the new skipper has been receiving tremendous hate and negativity on social media and on the fields as well.

Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya
Rohit Sharma, Hardik PandyaTwitter

Rohit, Manjrekar ask crowd to behave

After being booed by the crowd in the first two matches, Hardik was again booed during the MI vs RR match. Rohit Sharma was seen asking the crowd to stop booing the skipper with hand gestures but to no avail. A video of the same has gone viral with many calling Rohit a true gentleman. On the other hand, Sanjay Manjrekar was also seen asking the crowd to "behave" during the toss of the match, where Hardik was again booed.

Ashwin comes out in Pandya's support

Amid the furore, R Ashwin came out in support of Hardik Pandya on his youtube channel. He said that one shouldn't forget that Hardik is our country's player and urged fans not to take such an ugly route. He also asked the fans to correct themselves and those sitting in their homes to not appreciate such a behaviour.

"Sourav Ganguly played under Sachin Tendulkar and vice versa. These two have both played under Rahul Dravid. These three have played under Anil Kumble and all of them have played under MS Dhoni. When they were under Dhoni, these players were cricket jambhavans (giants). Dhoni too played under Virat Kohli," he further said.

"You are free to enjoy what you like about your favourite players or team, but not at the cost of putting another player down. This is one thing I'd love to see disappear from the face of the earth in our country," Ashwin concluded.