Three passengers, who were supposed to take the Boeing 777 flown by Malaysian Airlines that disappeared on Saturday morning over the South China Sea had a lucky escape as they missed their flights.

The Flight MH370 that operated on a Boeing 777-200 aircraft departed Kuala Lampur at 12.41 am on Friday and was bound for Beijing which was scheduled to land at Beijing International Airport at 6:30 am local Beijing time. 

It was carrying 239 people onboard, including two infants and 12 crew members of 14 different nationalities.

The crash would mark the US built Boeing 777-200ER airliner's deadliest incident ever since entering the service 19 years ago.

A US citizen informed his family and friends via Twitter about his fortunate escape after he missed the flight. The American businessman, who on his Twitter page identifies himself as Kaiden IV (‏@KaidenDL) posted: " @Cylithria can't reach you by phone. We missed the flight. Rory and I are OKAY Ria. I'm NOT ON THE FLIGHT RIA. IM OK."

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In another post thanking for his lucky escape Kaiden posted: "By the Grace of God we missed our flight to China. I am okay, as is Rory, my companion. I'm sorry to worry people or @Cylithria."

On his Twitter page Kaiden revealed that he was supposed to cover his colleague at work, who had fallen sick and because of that he and his companion got delayed and missed their flights.

A Beijing university student, who also missed her flight thinks that she has been given a second chance to live. Jessica Yee Wai Ching was supposed to take the MH370 on Saturday morning, but she thought the flight was late in the night.

By the time the MBA candidate at Beijing Tsinghua University realized her mistake, it was too late and she had to book another flight.

“I mistook the day. If not I would've boarded the plane as I still had time to catch it," Jessica Yee Wai Ching told Astro Awani.

After reading about the ill-fated flight she said she was in a shock. “It’s a mixed feeling. I do feel blessed, but it’s an awful feeling to know that so many people were on board that flight and I could have been one of them on board as well. I do believe I’ve been given a second chance."

(Edited by Anu James)