A paper towel found washed up on a beach in Western Australia possibly belongs to the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.Reuters

A mysterious paper towel found found on a beach in Western Australia possibly belongs to the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 that went missing a year ago.  

The unwrapped towel is being taken seriously to provide clues, since it has the Malaysian Airlines logo on it.  

The towel was discovered by a couple Kingsley and Vicki Miller while walking on a beach in Western Australia in July 2014 who then handed it over to the police. The discovery of the towel however, was reported recently.

Reports said that the towel was found unopened, which is described as "very unusual," notes British tabloid Mirror

The towel – which has been noted to be possibly the only item or debris that could be from MH370—was found at a beach located around 200km north of Perth, according to Nine News.

"A 6cm x 8cm moist towelette in wrapping branded with the Malaysia Airlines logo was found at Thirsty Point on 2 July 2014. It was handed in to the WA police," an Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) spokesperson told Fairfax Media, as noted by Sydney Morning Herald.

"It is unlikely, however, that such a common item with no unique identifier could be conclusively linked with MH370," he added.

But the authorities have refused to release a picture of the original finding while also withholding a comment on how important the discovery could be.

Nine News cited a spokesperson for Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) – the centre which is coordinating Australian government's efforts in the search for the missing MH370 flight – as saying that it was unlikely the towel would be able to make any difference to the probe.