French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has come under fire over its MH370 cartoon cover that shows the dead pilot of the doomed flight holding on a pair of breasts. Many have found the attempt "insensitive".

The controversial Charlie Hebdo cover mocks the discovery of MH370 wreckage recently found on the Reunion Island.  According to, the cover of the French weekly shows two dismembered hands holding on to a pair of disembodied breasts.

The front page tagline above the caricature reads: "We've found a bit of the pilot and the air hostess", while two onlookers are seen celebrating in the background.

The new Charlie Hebdo cover saw an angry reaction from social media users on Twitter, the Mirror reported. A Twitter post says: "Very poor taste #charliehebdo shame on you."

Another user Regis Gay tweeted: "#charliehebdo this week is atrocious" and another noted that the magazine was "corrosive as usual".

Charlie Hebdo is known for courting controversies for its rather explicit and often offensive cartoons. For this reason, the magazine has been targeted twice by Muslim radicals for its Prophet Mohammad caricatures.

Twelve people, including the magazine's then editor Stephane Charbonnier ("Charb"), were killed in the January 2015 attack.

Twitter Reactions

ihsan v.huhu ‏@IhsanHuhu 

To all those " #jesuischarlie ", r u really of their class? #MH370 #charliehebdo #PrayForMH370

Looking Glass ‏@ReflectMind 

#charliehebdo atrocious. not cool. #MH370

Azrul Naimi ‏@azrulnaimi 

Very poor taste #charliehebdo. Shame on you! #MH370