The newly elected Mayor of Temixco in the Mexican state of Morelos was shot dead at her home on Saturday by five assailants. The state attorney general's office said the Mexican Police killed two of the assailants and arrested the others, including a juvenile.

The incident occurred on Saturday morning when mayor Gisela Mota was at her home with her family. The assailants allegedly stormed into her house and shot her dead in the doorway, said Morelos state security commissioner Alberto Capella, according to CNN.

The police engaged the alleged assailants in a gunfire and killed two. The arrested accused will be prosecuted, Morelos attorney general Javier Perez Duron said.

The motive behind the assassination is unclear as yet, but the drug trafficking mafia, highly active in the region, is suspected to be behind the murder.

The 33-year-old Congresswoman from Leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution took charge of the mayor's office on Friday. She had promised the wipe out the rampant drug trafficking in the city after becoming mayor, according to an AFP report.

The Morelos state government has promised not to compromise with "organised crime launched against the constitutional and democratic order" resulting in the murder of "an honest and committed public servant", CNN reported.

"The government of the State of Morelos states categorically that we will not compromise or take a single step back in building a secure entity, in peace and harmony," the government said in a statement.

Morelos is one of the Mexican states that are worst-affected by drug trafficking and other crimes, including kidnappings and murders. In connection with the drug cartel crime in the country, over 100,000 people have been reported either dead or missing in the last 10 years.