We all know about the exploits of Lewis Hamilton in the Formula 1 circuit, but his brilliant form in the pro wrestling circuit could come as a surprise to many.

The 30-year-old, who bagged his third and also his second-straight F1 title after winning the US Grand Prix on Sunday, 25 October, took some time out and surprised many as he displayed his athleticism in a pro wrestling event at the Arena Mexico - the home of Lucha Libre. 

Lucha Libre is a style of pro wrestling which is famous in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries, wherein the wrestlers fight wearing colourful masks.

Ahead of the 2015 Mexican Grand Prix which takes place this weekend, where Hamilton will be looking to increasing his tally of 327 points this year, the Mercedes driver took on local favourite lucha libre wrestler Mistco at the Mexican fiesta.

Hamilton even attempted a 'running crossbody' [a pro wrestling move] on Mistico and awed the crowd with his skills!

Hamilton was also presented with a skull -- which is a symbol of Mexico's 'Day of the Dead'. Incidentally, Sunday's race in Mexico falls on the same day.

"I've seen this on TV, in movies, but to actually be there and be in the ring is really cool," Hamilton was quoted by Reuters as saying during the Puma event.

"They were talking about just doing a very simple manoeuvre but I wanted to really do it. Hopefully you were kind of impressed by my wrestling moves," he grinned. "Maybe when I retire I'll come back."