Varsha Singh Dhanoa and Toshi Sabri #MeToo fight
Varsha Singh Dhanoa and Toshi Sabri #MeToo fightYouTube screenshot

After singer Varsha Singh Dhanoa accused music composer, Toshi Sabri of sexually harassing her, the latter has revealed her chat messages and voice notes to "expose" her "lies".

In the wake of #MeToo movement, Varsha had narrated how Toshi and Kailash Kher tried to allegedly sexually exploiting her on the pretext of giving her work.

She said that Toshi had touched her inappropriately when she was sitting with him inside a car. Varsha further added that he then made sexual advances towards her inside a studio by saying that "Tum mujhe bohot acchi lagti ho. Mein tumhe pyaar karna chahta hoon aur tumme khona chahta hoon (I like you a lot. I want to make love to you and get lost in you)".

The singer then said that she refused to oblige to his wants saying that she was engaged, and she was not here to do all these. Varsha also said that after this incident, she never met or spoke to Toshi or any other music composers.

However, Toshi has a completely different story to tell. The music composer has revealed some chat messages and voice notes that happened between him and Varsha, which shows that Varsha spoke to Toshi and asked for work even after she got married.

Toshi shared WhatsApp messages with a caption that read, "In her Video #varshasingh says that she is engaged and I have traumatized her so much that she never met any music director till date after that alleged incidence. But truth is after she got married she started chasing me. Here are the WhatsApp chat screenshot [sic]".

She is seen and heard to be talking to Toshi in a very friendly manner in the text messages and voice notes. With the support of these, Toshi claimed his innocence and asked people to decide what the truth is. Claiming to have "exposed" Varsha's "lies", he also urged her not to "misuse" the #MeToo movement for her own personal benefits.

No response from Varsha came against Toshi's counter allegations till the time this story was filed.

Watch Varsha and Toshi's videos here: