Popular heavy metal band Metallica's Delhi concert scheduled to take place last evening was cancelled at the eleventh hour, leaving fans disappointed and furious. All that the fans wanted was to see their favourite rock band perform live and "nothing else matters."

Unmetalled: Metallica in India

First, the organisers announced that the concert would be postponed to Oct. 29 evening. Then came the report that the concert had been cancelled. The news was made public just two hours before the gig was meant to start.

DNA Entertainment Network, the organiser of the proposed gig cited "technical reasons" for scrapping the show. They said that all ticket holders would be refunded and that notice would be put out on refunds and the reason for the cancellation of the gig within 24 hours.

Several announcements were made requesting the audience to move back as the barricade in front of the stage was about to give way. But all hell broke loose when the announcement of the cancellation was made. Angry fans tried to vandalise equipment near the stage; some tried to set the banners ablaze and some hurled water bottles onto the stage.

DNA Entertainment Network had sold 25,000 thousand tickets for prices ranging from Rs. 1650 to Rs. 2750. Meanwhile, Metallica is scheduled to perform in Bangalore on Sunday (Oct. 30).