There was a time when fans could not think of Metal Gear Solid games without Hideo Kojima. But with Kojima splitting with Konami following the release of Metal Gear Solid 5, there have been many reports about the fate of popular franchise Metal Gear Solid.

Reports had suggested Konami could be curtailing its console games, but that has now been proven wrong. In fact, Konami seems to be brimming with confidence that it can do without Kojima, and that Metal Gear Solid games will persevere.

Graham Day, community manager of Konami, has assured fans that the franchise will continue. Reiterating these points in an interview with Gameondaily, he said, "We've said in the past previously that obviously the Metal Gear run will continue..."

He also referred to how the studio had successfully collaborated with Platinum Games in the past and produced Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, taking newer direction and was a "very, very good game." 

He also answered about the company cutting back on PC and console market. "Don't believe everything you read in the press...That's never changed. Things have been taken out of context but that's never changed."

Next one to be a remake?

The question that many fans are interested in is what next for Konami's Metal Gear Solid. IGN had reported that Kojima wanted to work on a remake of Metal Gear Solid 1.

"But I would have to go with MGS1. If it was going to be a remake, I wouldn't want to make a standard remake, but something similar to what Planet of the Apes is doing: Bringing the best of the past to the present and doing something new," the report quoted Kojima as  saying.

Meanwhile, players can now play as Hideo Kojima in this MGS 4: The Phantom Pain, thanks to the mod. The mod created by 'Xray_Doc' gives players with new skin of the legendary creator of the series. Apart from that, players also found an Easter egg that allowed them to recruit Kojima as a Mother Base volunteer.