Even though it has already been some time since the latest MGS title arrived, and may be most of you have already completed the game and started it over with different settings, we still can't get the game out of our heads. And that's because the amount of hidden details in it are just staggering.

As of now, players are losing their heads over the way the character of Quiet has been portrayed in the game – and more so due to her, somewhat, revealing outfit in the game.

In fact, if you play your cards right, you can view a number of in-game scenes that would otherwise be hidden.

Now, while we have already written of the sexy shower scene in the game with Quite at the forefront, there is something in the game that even surpasses that. As far as a foreword is concerned, Quiet, for some reason, loves the rain – and she partially strips off on the Mother base to passionately enjoy the weather (a bit too passionately). But we won't ruin it for you.

The trick here is to have Quiet and Snake arrive at the Mother Base during a time when it's raining. The scene that follows after that is both cute and sexy, and according to us, this one has to be the sexiest Quiet scene in the entire game. Here's a video tutorial for the same, courtesy Youtuber SSSniperWolf.

But this is not all. Apparently, there's also a scene in the game where Quiet is taken hostage by the enemy. The scene starts with Quiet being hauled out of a building by a soldier who then tries to choke her. Wait! Stop here if you hate spoilers.

Once she is successfully subdued (or so he thinks), the screen pans out to the eyes of Quiet with sounds of the guy unzipping his pants and pulling down her's in the background. But Quiet is aware of the situation and inflicts horrible deaths on all those guys – bites off one guy's ear, stabs the other one on his balls.

Check out the scene below

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[Source: YouTube/SSSniperWolf]