It won't be long before the new Metal Gear Solid – Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain – is among us. The game has been in news for almost the entire of 2014 and start of 2015, and it seems like Kojima has really planned something grand for the fans of Snake.

While the new Metal Gear Solid was present at this year's Gamescom, a lot of focus for it was put on the Mother Base that will be available to Snake for the entirety of the game. The Mother Base is where Snake will be heading between mission to re-tweak his weapons and get new coordinates on future missions.

But since there's more to it than the eye meets, here's a detailed look at everything that was showcased for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain's Mother Base at this year's Gamescom event.

Huge Mother Base to Explore

In-between missions, players will be able to take Snake to the Mother Base for a host of reasons, including new events and some important interactions. For instance, going up to the soldiers at the base and saluting them will increase the overall morale of the troops. Apart from that, exploring the Mother Base will also get you random items such as raw diamonds scattered across the place. There's also the possibility to eavesdrop on whatever the soldiers are saying in the base.

Expand the Mother Base

Even if you have an effective Mother Base, it won't mean scratch if you don't regularly expand it by collecting weapons and resources for the base. In fact, expanding the Mother Base will also level up the Diamond Dogs soldiers you have recruited, making them even more potent when assisting Snake on the field. Various units in the game will now learn new skills and develop enhanced gear as their levels increase.

Hand Pick Soldiers for Mother Base

Talking about recruiting cadets for Diamond Dogs, for the Mother Base, Snake will be able to personally recruit men and can assign them to various departments. In fact, you can even have Ocelot and Kaz to take up your missions for you. Once the recruitment is done, the soldiers in Diamond Dogs will be assigned to whichever department best suits their stats.

Take Care of Snake's Hygiene... And the Dog

As it seems, the new Metal Gear Solid will put a lot of focus on Snake's hygiene. There will be portable shower areas that will be scattered around Mother Base, with the help of which, Snake will be able to take a shower to wash off all the blood and dirt from the previous mission. If you neglect this aspect, some point down the line you will overhear soldiers saying that Snake stinks. And surely, that's not something a superior officer in the ranks will look forward to. On top of that, you also need some time to spend with D-dog, roaming around the base. D-Dog as a puppy won't be of much use, but once he grows, he will help Snake in his missions.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

[Source: Twinfinite]