If you have just started with the recently released Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain from Konami, you should have understood by now that the in-game currency is known as GMP (Gross Military Product). And if you know your way around the game, note that you can earn almost insane amounts of cash to work with.

But how exactly can you earn so much cash in the game? Let's take a look at the top ways.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain – Make Infinite GMP

Keep a Lookout for Rough Diamonds

Whenever on a mission, or just simply exploring, remember to pick up and gather rough diamonds that you find scattered across the game. Basically, that's free money and you would be amazingly senile to overlook them – and the best thing about them? You need not complete a mission or kill anyone for it. Sometimes, interrogated soldiers will also reveal several such diamond locations in the game, and the biggest amount you can draw from such diamonds goes up to 100,000 GMP.

Play Stealthy for S-Ranks

Almost all the primary missions in The Phantom Pain, on successful completion, will award you scores. Among them, S-Ranks are the highest. Players can obtain an S-Rank by being as stealthy as possible, with the option to add bonus objectives as a way of increasing the total. Again, this depends on how stealthily you can take care of certain missions, and will involve lots of silent takedowns, headshots, and even completing missions without activating Reflex Mode.

Take Care of the Side Missions

While story missions remain you biggest priority, note that taking up additional side quests also gets you a lot of GMP – and most of these missions don't even take that much time to complete. They usually involve taking out some armoured vehicles, an enemy soldier or even rescue a prisoner. There are as many as 150 different Side Ops that you can take up, allowing you to make a lot of GMPs in the process. Sure, you need to travel a lot to take up the side missions, and that's the downside of it. But the rewards often rack up to 300,000 GMPs.

Get Troops for Combat Missions

Another successful way to get added GMPs is by deploying soldiers for combat missions. Once the option to enlist soldiers is active for you, you can send these guys on missions, and they will basically do the dirty work for you. Players will have two teams active at start, and more so once the FOB (Forward Operating Base) is active. Sure, some of your men will perish in the process, but the more they succeed, the more GMPs you earn.

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[Source: Prima Games]