The recently released Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is a great game and can easily be nominated as one of the best titles to have released this year. While the game offers a lot in terms of features and overall experience, what we are more concerned about is the hidden details that are carefully embedded in it.

While we have already spoken about how you can access the sexy quiet shower scene with Snake, it seems that it was just the tip of the iceberg. There is a brand new hack revealed for the game that will let a player farm good amounts of fuel and metal in the game.

There is an intelligent trick to do just that, and by replaying a certain mission in the game, players can keep extracting resources indefinitely.


The trick here is to replay episode 12, Hellbound, where the player is sent to extract Huey Emmerich. This has a side-op that offers players containers of fuel, precious and minor metals.

However, the mission takes place indoors, so players will be required to have the wormhole upgrade for their fulton unlocked. From here on, players will be required to skip the cutscene, turn back to where Sahelanthropus is kept, take out the guards and fulton away.

The wormhole upgrade can be unlocked fairly late in the game as well. After beating mission 31 and completing side-op 50, which will ask the player to capture a legendary jackal in Africa, the upgrade will be up for installing. Following this, when the player has fulton wormhole, they will need to keep replaying Hellbound until they have gathered enough resources.

Is the procedure sounding too tricky? Fret not as there is already a video tutorial available for the same (see below), courtesy Ekopingviini. Players, however, just need to make sure the game is saved after each run.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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