Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, Kojima's action-adventure game, follows the adventures of infamous mercenary, Snake. And he is back with a vengeance.

Though the newest edition of Metal Gear Solid 5 has been running pretty well, players have reported some bugs. One such bug appears when players are on Mission 29 and 42. Though Kojima has said it is working to solve the issue, for players who would not want to wait up on till the developer releases an official fix, here is one suggested by Redditor ZenFoxx.

One of the ways that was suggested to keep the bug from getting activated is by not selecting Quite as a buddy. For players affected by the bug, they will have to start Mission 41 and ensure that they choose a character other than Snake. Now they have to complete the mission and progress through the story.

It was also revealed that if players can replay Mission 22, it will break the bug. Some Redditors have confirmed that this will work.

Guide to Earn Quick GMP

Here is a guide that will help players earn some quick money (GMP), thanks to Gamepur.

In order to earn GMP faster, players will have to collect the diamonds that are found scattered at the Mother base when building new Platforms. Also, they have to complete the training in various training areas for some quick money. Repetition of the training will also help them make quick GMP.

Diamonds can be located following the interrogation with Diamond Dog Men on the new platform.

During the missions, players must extract items like vehicles or gun emplacements, which can later be sold for good money, doubling up the mission bonuses.

Make sure to take at least one different type of vehicle when going on missions.

VG247 has suggested players try the following for quick GMP.

Aim to get the elusive S Rank in story missions that will get you 20 percent GMP bonus. And to get the S rating, players must be better on speed and stealth. Some other routes involved include getting some headshots, not using Reflex Mode and buddy interrogation.

Though Side Ops are non-essential missions, they will earn players more rewards. There are close to 150 Side Ops missions with differing payouts, depending on the mission difficulty.

Collecting Rough Diamonds may not be a reliable option to earn money, but it is certainly one of the easiest to earn GMPs. Players can earn up to 100,000 GMP by this method. As said earlier, players can interrogate enemy soldiers to find out information on Rough Diamonds.

Build up on your Forward Operating Bases and send your soldiers on missions, why should Snake do all the hard work? Though the risk involves your soldiers being killed, ensure that they are the best. Chose your missions carefully. This process does not need a great effort and is efficient too.

Helicopter Upgrade

Players use 'Prequod' for different reasons and they need to keep upgrading it as it helps them in not only using it as for transport but also to take cover fire and support Snake in his missions.

Follow the steps below to upgrade the Prequod helicopter (Gamepur):

  • Access your iDroid
  • Select the Mother Base tab
  • Go to Development from the menu
  • Choose Helicopter
  • Select the Upgrade you want to invest in the research

There are different types of research that are available, namely - weapons, missiles flares, new hulls and outboard speakers.

Players have been cautioned to wisely use their upgrades, matching their approach.

Follow the steps to customise the Prequod:

  • Access your iDroid
  • Select the Mother Base tab
  • Go to Customise from the menu
  • Choose Helicopter.

The game offers different patterns of colour. Chose the ones you think goes well with your missions.

 No Way to turn off Auto Staff Assignment

Redditor ChadChadwhick wanted to know a way to turn off Auto Staff Assignment. But none were aware and some even wished Kojima would add this option.

How to Make Quite Stop Humming over the Radio?

To a question on the Reddit forum on how to make Snake's buddy Quite, stop her from humming on the radio, Redditors suggested the following methods:

Hold L1, choose "Quiet".

She will shut up until you do it again.

Though some people say it only works for a few minutes before she'll start up again, I've never experienced that... She'll stay completely quiet until I give her the command again.

She stops if you beat mission 45.

Meanwhile another Redditor has found that players can press "Y/Triangle/E(?)" to "Assemble Team". This will be sending out specifically selected soldiers.