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The CW will premiere sci-fi TV show "The Messengers" on Friday, 17 April and the pilot episode "Awakening" promises a fantastic series for the spring season. Five chosen strangers collapse at the same time and miraculously come back to life with the same mission: Rapture.

Whether the chosen ones will prevent or herald Earth's doom is not known. But what is known is that the show definitely has strong Biblical influence and involves an antagonist, who is waiting for all these "Angels of the Apocalypse" to come together in Houston.

The antagonist, known only as "The Man", is played by Diogo Morgado, who played Jesus Christ in the History Channel mini-series "The Bible" and in the film "Son of God".

Morgado will be joined by other main characters – Shantel VanSanten as Vera Buckley, John Fletcher as Joshua Silburn Jr, Sofia Black-D'Elia as Erin Calder, J.D Pardo as Raul Garcia, Joel Courtney as Peter Moore, Anna Diop as Rose Arvale and Craig Frank as Alan Harris.

Here is a deeper look into the "Angels of Apocalypse":

Vera Buckley (Radio-Astronomer)

One of the "Angels of Apocalypse", Vera has the gift of walking through walls, but her full potential has not been revealed yet. She has difficulty in understanding the concept of faith, especially after her son was kidnapped six years ago.

Joshua Silburn Jr (Televangelist)

Joshua, who is a second-generation televangelist, has a tiff with his father after he refuses to follow in his footsteps, and instead chooses to follow a new path which involves four strangers – fellow "Angels of Apocalypse".

Erin Calder (Young Mother)

Erin, who is desperate to protect her daughter Amy from her abusive ex-husband, wakes up from a supernaturally-induced sleep, with the ability to heal others. She is also among the five strangers entrusted with preventing the impending apocalypse.

Raul Garcia (Federal Agent)

Raul, who barely escapes an undercover assignment with a Mexican drug cartel, was branded as a fugitive after he gets set up. He is gifted with the ability to hear thoughts after he wakes up and must now work with his fellow angels to ensure Earth's existence.

Peter Moore (High School Student)

Peter, who has been growing up in foster homes and group homes, is a season swimmer who is constantly bullied at school. When he was chosen to be an "Angel of Apocalypse" he also received a special gift of strength, which he uses on one of his bullies. However, he is now required to use his gift to save Earth from Rapture.

Watch out for the series premiere of "The Messengers" on Friday, 17 April, on The CW.