Vijay in Mersal
Vijay in Mersal.Twitter

Vijay's Mersal has yet again sparked a controversy after some dialogues in the movie irked the Bharatiya Janata Party in Tamil Nadu. So, what are those one-liners that have angered the saffron party?

Vadivelu's sarcastic comment on digital India

Vadivelu makes a sarcastic remark that his pocket is empty showing his wallet while thanking 'digital India'. He says, "In India, only digital money. No one has money and only long queues," referring to the troubles people went through following the demonetisation of Rs 500 and 1,000 notes last year.

Vijay's attack on GST

In the climax, something similar to Kaththi, Vijay slams the Goods and Service Tax (GST) by citing that in spite of collecting up to 28 percent GST from the public, the government has failed to give free medical treatment, whereas Singapore provides it for free by just collecting 7 percent GST.

He also questions the imposition of 12 percent tax on medicines, which are supposed to save people's life and wonders why there is no GST on liquor. The actor also says that the country requires more hospitals than temples, to which BJP took offence. 

Counter attack

The BJP has stated that Mersal projects the GST in a negative way by giving factual incorrect data. They said Singapore does not provide free health facility. "GST has been there in Singapore since 1994. There, every citizen contributes 8-10.5 percent of their monthly income for Medisave. For medical expenses, they pay 7 percent GST. Without knowing all this, how do you feel that medical care is free there!" SG Suryah, a leader from Tamil Nadu BJP said in a series of tweets.

Reacting to Vijay's temple dialogue, "Churches built in TN in last 20 yrs - 17500. mosques: 9700. temples: 370. So, what does Vijay want to stop for the building of hospitals? [sic]" H Raja, a BJP leader from Tamil Nadu, tweeted, as reported by TheNewsMinute.

While many fans have slammed Atlee for not doing proper research, the film industry has put its weight behind the actor. Nonetheless, the dialogues are likely to be removed from the film.