People across the world are busy decorating their houses with cribs and Christmas trees, awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus. On the 25th of December, the entire world will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Though many people know the significance of celebrating this occasion, but there are a few facts that some may not know about this winter festival. Check out some of the interesting fun facts below:

  • Santa Claus didn't always have a beard. According to a book, "One-Night Stands with American History", 17th century Dutch settlers brought the image of jolly fat man as 'tall, slender and very dignified' without his trademark beard.
  • Santa Claus comes from St Nicholas, a Christian bishop, who lived in Turkey in the fourth century AD. He had inherited a great deal of wealth, which he used to give away to the needy.
  • Santa Claus' traditional red outfit eventually came into existence in the 1930s through a Coca Cola ad. Initially, he was seen in blue, white and green robes.
  • The "Silent Night" song is the most recorded Christmas song in history with over 733 different versions.
  • The famous "Jingle Bells" was actually composed as a Thanksgiving song, but it turned out to be the most popular Christmas rhyme.
  • The French gave the biggest Christmas present ever in 1886. It was the Statue of Liberty, and they gave it to the United States of America. The French have one too, a smaller one, in Paris.
  • That "Xmas" stems from Greece. The Greek "X" is a symbol for Christ.