Pearl V Puri to take an exit from "Meri Saasu Maa." Pictured: "Meri Saasu Maa" co-stars Pearl V Puri and Hiba Nawab.
Pearl V Puri to take an exit from "Meri Saasu Maa." Pictured: "Meri Saasu Maa" co-stars Pearl V Puri and Hiba Nawab.Pearl V Puri/Instagram

Recently, reports surfaced about "Meri Saasu Maa" actresses Hiba Nawab and Aanchal Khurana having a major fight on the sets of the show. It all started after rumours in media that the show's lead pair Pearl V Puri and Hiba were involved in a lot of public display of affection on the sets, which irked the show's cast and crew.

Although the makers had rubbished the report, Aanchal, who plays a negative role in the show, confirmed about Hiba and Pearl's closeness. Aanchal's statement didn't go down well with Hiba, who reportedly hurled abuses at the former on the sets. Soon after, Pearl too joined in the argument between the ladies.

Talking about Aanchal's statement, Pearl told SpotboyE that he feels that the actress is a psycho. "I think Aanchal has some personal grudge against me and Hiba. Probably, it's the fact that we are the lead actors. Also, as the main pair of the show, we are allowed certain privileges, which she is not entitled to. She is a psycho, she has no standing and her role in the show will also end soon," Pearl said.

Pearl also clarified that he and Hiba are not dating. "I am very much single, there is nothing between us. We are colleagues and good friends," he added.

Revealing further details about Hiba and Aanchal's fight, Pearl told the Times of India that Hiba is not a kind of person who hurl abuses at others. Also, he feels that Aanchal is trying to spoil their reputation for cheap publicity. "I was not around when the argument between the two took place. But when I asked others on the set everyone informed me that it was Aanchal's fault. Whoever knows Hiba will vouch for the fact that she is not the one to abuse people. We have never had any fights with anyone on the set. Even after causing damage to Hiba and shows reputation, she doesn't have any regrets. I pray and hope that sense prevails in Aanchal and she stops doing all this for cheap publicity," said the actor.