Bollywood actor-dancer Rakhi Sawant is going through a tough phase in her life. A few days ago, Rakhi lost her mother Jaya Bheda and while she was trying hard to come to terms with her mother's loss, the social media sensation revealed that her second marriage with Adil Khan Durrani is in trouble. However, on Monday, February 6, Rakhi Sawant has finally announced that she and her husband Adil have parted their ways. Exposing Adil's alleged girlfriend, Tanu, Rakhi said that her husband has finally left her to be with the other woman.

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant accuses Adil of using her emotionally, mentally, and physically

The 44-year-old told Bollywood Bubble, "The other day, he asked me to apologise in the media. He told me that he will come back only if I apologise. He told me that he will leave everything and will come back but he did not return. He is staying with that girl. Shame on that girl. Finally, Adil has left me. Now, I have shared everything with the media."

Rakhi also accused Adil of using her emotionally, mentally, and physically. The actress claimed that Adil used all her money and said that he has numerous cases filed against him in Mysore. "Adil ne finally decision le liya ki woh Tanu ke saath rehenge. Kal unhone bol diya mujhe, ki mai jaa raha hoon tumhe chod ke, mai Tanu ke saath rahunga. Mera Istemaal kiya Bollywood mai ane ke liye. Mai court jaungi. Mere saare paise unhone le liye. Mere pass saare proof hai (Adil has taken the final decision and yesterday he told me that he will be with Tanu and he will leave me. He has used me to enter Bollywood. I will take legal help. He has also taken all my money, I have proof of everything)," she said.

"Tumne kahi ka nahi chora apni biwi ko"

In addition, she has also blamed Adil for her mother's death and said that she would have been alive today had she been given medical treatment on time. Rakhi added, "Tumne meri ma ko tumne mara hai. Aaj meri ma ka time pe ilaaj hogaya hota toh shayad woh nahi marti. Kahi ka nahi chora...Tumne kahi ka nahi chora apni biwi ko, raste pe la diya, kangal kardiya tumne (You have killed my mother. Had my mother's treatment been done on time, then maybe she wouldn't have died. You have left me with no options...You have brought me to the streets, robbed me)."

The Bigg Boss fame claims that she got married to Adil last year on May 29 but they kept their marriage under wraps for almost eight months. Rakhi has married Adil in as per Islamic customs and she also changed her name to Fatima.

A few days after her mother's last rites, Rakhi broke down in front of the media, alleging that her husband is cheating on her with another woman. The actress also spoke to the media and challenged the other girl and Adil that she will expose everything as she has all the proof in pictures and videos.

Rakhi Sawant

Meanwhile, amid all the allegations levelled by Rakhi, Adil shared two cryptic notes on his Instagram handle. Taking to his Instagram Stories on Sunday, February 5, Adil accused Rakhi of mistreating him. He wrote, "Doesn't mean if I don't talk about a woman back I am wrong. It's only because I respect my religion and I have learned to respect women. The day I open my mouth and speak what I am going through and what is she doing with me she can't even open her mouth after that. So the only reason she wants to come every day and tell people that Adil is bad bad and bad."

On the work front, Rakhi was last seen in Bigg Boss Marathi 4 as a challenger. She quit the show in the finale episode by taking Rs 9 lakh.