"Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi" has been throwing in quite a few twists lately, and the latest one has viewers worried sick.

Ishani (Radhika Madan) is now aware Milan (Shakti Arora) is only posing as his identical twin, Ranveer. Amba has let the cat out of the bag revealing they were separated during the formative years as she had no money to look after both of them. So, Milan is now back to avenge all damage caused to him.

Now, the interesting bit is, according to reports, Ranveer, who was until now in Milan's trap away in some warehouse, will escape his clutches. The bad news here is, he will not be able to convince his family it's him.

India TV reports how Ranveer's family will fail to recognise him (except Ishani) and Milan will manipulate them into believing that the other guy's lying.

This twist has caught the audience's attention, and they are coming up with all sorts of theories for this on social media. Some are even of the opinion that Ranveer will get a plastic surgery done, else how will his family not recognise him?

Here are some tweets, rather predictions, by the viewers:

MATSH_ishveerLovers: Why the hell they wont recognize ranveer. can anyone tell me (sic).

Meri Ashiqui IshVeer: Rv ka accidnt nd us k bd memoryloss or plastic surgery

SiMaL J: accident k bad ranveer ki shakal badal jaye ge no no aisa nh ho sakta

Ishveerfanatic: WTF this is the most illogical thing I have ever read! At least, Ishani will ..

While some were all worked up with the idea of Ranveer getting replaced with a fresh face, most wrote how it was too early to predict and that one must relax and enjoy the show.