"Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi" is gearing up for the much-awaited Ishani-Ranveer wedding. But, trouble is round the corner for the young couple. RV (Shakti Arora) has been experiencing excruciating headaches for a while now, and reports suggest it may be because of a psychological disorder he suffers from. His behaviour appears changed and it has resulted in a few unexplained occurrences.

In one of the upcoming episodes, he will be charged of raping wedding planner Nimisha.

Looks like there's some serious times ahead for the viewers of "MATSH", but there will also be some relief.

According to a video shared on social media, Ishani (Radhika Madan) will break into a dance to seduce Ranveer. The plan to surprise her love interest backfires when Ranveer tells her he was in the room only to get the lights on adding that family members were watching her go frisky on him.

This miffs Ishani who says it wasn't fair of him to not inform her about the situation.

In other news, Rawal, an acquaintance of the Vaghela family, will be seen trying to reveal RV's big secret to Ishani in the coming days.

Check out Ishani's romantic dance, below: