For quite some time now, "Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi" has been revolving around Ranveer's (Shakti Arora) lookalike Milan, who is leaving no stone unturned to make Ranveer's life hell.

After having failed to replace Ranveer in the wedding mandap, Milan kidnapped him and started impersonating him in front of Ishaani. On the other hand, unaware of the swap, Ishaani has been living a married life with Ranveer's lookalike.

It has been reported earlier that Ishaani will soon start suspecting Ranveer's strange behaviour and his repeated attempts to forcibly get clos to her will leave Ishaani perplexed. There were also reports that Ishaani will spot a birthmark on Milan's back, which was not there on Ranveer's body.

While the current track of the show doesn't seem to end soon, the makers have decided to treat its fans during the Karwa Chauth celebrations, where Ishaani will meet Ranveer.

According to a Telly Masala video, in the upcoming episodes, Ishaani will suspect Milan and follow him to an unknown destination where she would find her husband Ranveer in a miserable situation. She would then break her Karwa Chauth fast with Ranveer by her side.

But before Ranveer and Ishaani can escape, Milan would spot them and separate them again.

With Ishaani realising that her husband is in danger, it now remains if she would be successful in revealing Milan's truth and saving Ranveer from Milan's trap.