For quite some time now, Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and pregnant Ritika (Smriti Khanna) have been facing off each other with a seven-day challenge to prove who has more influence on Ranveer (Shakti Arora).

However, evil Ritika, in order to get rid of Ishaani and marry Ranveer at the earliest, plans to kill Ishaani by hiring a shooter.

In the last episode, Ishaani and Ranveer were seen sharing some memorable moments together. Ranveer, who is unaware of Ishaani's fake memory loss, was helping her recollect their good old days while the shooter tried to press the trigger and kill the protagonist.

It has been reported that in the upcoming episode, instead of Ishaani, a bullet will hit Ritika, leading to her miscarriage.

While viewers were hoping that Ishaani would win the challenge, the unfortunate incident will change the current track of the show.

Ritika, who would gain Ranveer's sympathy over her lost child, will now use this opportunity to disrupt Ishaani's plans.

Due to reasons not known yet, Ranveer will hold Ishaani responsible for Ritika's miscarriage. Further, he would get to know that all these while Ishaani had been cheating him by faking her memory loss.

This would make Ranveer extremely furious and decide to divorce her.

Not just that, he will ensure that Ishaani is put behind the bars for the crime she has actually not committed.

It now remains to be seen, how Ishaani proves herself innocent. Is this the end of Ishaani-Ranveer's relationship? Further, will she be able to stop Ranveer from marrying Ritika? Only time will tell.

A video from the sets shows Ishaani being jailed for killing Ritika's unborn child.

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