Mercedes-Benz Pokemon

"Pokemon Go," the free-to-play GPS powered augmented reality mobile game, has caused a frenzy among gaming enthusiasts around the world. The popularity of the game has prompted Mercedes-Benz to promote its products and services in the game.

Lure Modules near PokeStops in the game, which attract the Pokemon monsters, allow Mercedes-Benz to lure people playing Pokemon Go to their showrooms or to local events. The modules are visible to all Pokemon players in the vicinity of a PokeStop and Mercedes-Benz intends to convert players into possible customers.

Mercedes-Benz in a statement said a detailed manual has just been distributed to the dealers to get them ready for the new sales campaign. A Lure Module, which is active for 30 minutes, attracts Pokemon near PokeStops. In addition, dealers can also register their own PokeStops on the "Pokemon Go" website.

Mercedes-Benz is the first car maker to be associated with "Pokemon Go" for promotion. The augmented reality video game has not yet been released in India. Mercedes-Benz's association with the game is worldwide and the product promotion can be expected in India as well.

Similarly in Japan, McDonald's is a sponsored partner of "Pokemon Go". This allows McDonald's eateries in the country to show up as PokeStop or Gyms.

Mercedes-Benz had earlier got associated with the game, Mario Kart 8. Mercedes Benz downloadable content (DLC) in the game allowed players to race the GLE luxury compact SUV from Mercedes Benz in their Mario Kart 8 racing video game.