The first step towards bonding often begins with bing watching the same entertainment content. Most of our mothers grew up in the era of Doordarshan and there were days when she really wanted to catch up on a few of the episodes of FRIENDS or Full House when they came on television, there wasn't always time.

Thanks to the era of the internet, shows and films happen when you wish to watch them. Here's a list of shows you can watch with your mother. 



Mentalhood marks Karisma Kapoor's comeback on the small screen. Although the script has the touch of Hollywood films disguised as SoBo (South Bombay) culture, it might be a fun watch. Karisma Kapoor plays Meira Sharma who is the mother of three children who are enrolled in the same school where the son of superstar Aryan Khanna has been enrolled.

She is a woman from Kanpur and wants to live the best of lives that South Bombay has to offer and she wouldn't take no for an answer. In an attempt to keep the image of the supermom, Meira is unable to focus on her career. 

Although Aryan Khanna does not make an official appearance, the makers drop a hint of him being the son of Shah Rukh Khan. (In the film fan, Shah Rukh Khan's character was named Aryan Khanna.)When Meira Sharma's daughter gets invited to Aryan Khanna's son's party, she starts fantasizing the days when she might get to visit superstar Aryan Khanna in his Alibaugh mansion.

In real life, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has a mansion in Alibaugh where he often celebrates his birthday. The school, where her children are enrolled, is a subtle hint of the life of Dhirubhai Ambani School. 


Everything about the Mishra family in Gullak is so relatable that you can't help but ask for more. This family represents the modern middle-class mentality. Every character from Gullak feels like a person taken from your life. Gullak echoes of middle-class and its changing pattern. This Mishra family loves to hold on to its roots, but makes the changes where it is necessary. 

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai 

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai was a show way ahead of its time. It is probably one of the reasons, the television series ended after two seasons. Maya Sarabhai, mother-in-law of Monisha Sarabhai is unable to endure her daughter-in-law and her middle-class ways of shopping. While Maya represents the wannabe elites, Monisha represents careless middle-class India. While we enjoy Maya's continuous taunts towards Monisha's lifestyle, we manage to connect with the latter more. 

Desperate Housewives 

Bree, Lynette, Susan, Gabriel, Mary Alice are four housewives from different walks of life, who become neighbours in the posh area of Westeria Lane. The real trouble begins when one fine morning, after completing her domicile chores, Mary Alice shoots herself. Gabriel, Lynette, Susan and Bree, then promise to be something more than neighbours and stand by each other. 

When they start sharing something more than a fence, these women learn that each of them is fighting a battle of their own. Bree, may look like the perfect home-maker, with the perfect lawn, two children and a husband who is a doctor. But, she cleans her home because she is a bored housewife with disobedient children who ignore her wishes. 

Lynette, is a careerists woman and has smartest of brains. But when life gave her four children, she was forced to do a job where she can never submit a resignation letter. Motherhood. 

Susan is a mess through and through. She has a husband who is a womaniser, and she is unable to bear the humiliation. Life takes a turn when she meets Mike, but where there's a handsome man, there's always another woman. Susan's silent competition is Edie Britt, who is considered the neighbourhood harlot, who is quite popular with men. 


It's hard to find someone who has watched FRIENDS and not enjoyed the company of Chandler Bing. Although his friends Ross, Joey treated Chandler as the man who would be the last to get married, he did beat them when he married Monica Geller, who was undeniably the best woman in the gang. 

Talking about motherhood, FRIENDS normalises the concept of motherhood which was once considered flawed. Phoebe is a surrogate, Rachel becomes a mother before her marriage, and Monica adopts two twins, and Ross's son Ben is raised by two mothers and a father whom he visits occasionally. Motherhood is not about giving birth and raising children in the pattern as told by society. It's more about the bond a mother shares with the child.