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Busy lifestyle and excessive work pressure have made life complicated, and above all increased our stress to an extent where some cannot bear it.

So, how do we get some relief from it and feel a little relaxed? There are some scientific ways that can be done. We bring to five such ways to keep your stress away:


An innumerable number of studies suggest exercising for physical well-being as well as for mental health.

Exercising helps improve the mood and keeps away depression. It need not mean that one needs to join a gym.

Just walk or run or do some yoga for 30 minutes each day and it will keep you fit and happy.

Sleep well

Sleep helps keep the body and the brain healthy. It is important to have at least seven hours of sleep daily.

Studies show that most Americans would be happier, healthier and safer if they were to sleep an extra 60-90 minutes per night.

There's no doubt that sleep rejuvenates the mind and body, and the deprivation of it can make an individual irritable and sloppy.

Nature love

It may sound weird but studies have pointed out that nature is good for health. In fact, people who live in greener places are happier and live longer.

In a recent study, researchers found that when people just took some time out in a day to enjoy the nature around them – be it flowers, birds, trees, or anything related to nature — it increased the happiness of the participants.


Sing with your friend to feel stress-free. Studies suggest that singing releases happiness hormones such as endorphins (associated with feelings of pleasure) and oxytocin. It, therefore, reduces anxiety and stress.

Researchers say: "The health benefits of singing are both physical and psychological."

Keep a journal

Writing a journal helps people stay organised and have a clear mind. This also keeps stress away.

In fact, in a study by Texas University, psychologists say regular journal-writing strengthens immunity.

Writing about stressful events help us deal with problems better and keep the head clear.