The producers of "Men in Black" trilogy, Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald, have revealed that a reboot of the sci-fi franchise is under development by Sony Pictures. However, the new trilogy won't have the original star Will Smith.

According to Ace Showbiz, the duo said that the plan is to make a reinvented "Men in Black" trilogy.

Parkes said that Smith is unlikely to be involved in the possible reboot. Talking about the possibility of reviving the franchise, he said, "We are in the middle of it. It's very active."

"Men in Black 3," which was released in 2012, was made 10 years after the last movie in the franchise, "Men in Black II." Though it was a commercial success grossing $624 million worldwide, plans for "Men in Black 4" didn't work out as Smith shut it down saying, "Three of anything is enough for me."

With Josh Brolin replacing Tommy Lee Jones in "Men in Black 3," part 4 of the franchise was expected to begin production soon. However, it appears when it comes to sequels, Will Smith is not interested as recently, he also backed off from "Independence Day" and "Bad Boys" follow-ups. 

Parkes and MacDonald have produced all three "Men in Black" movies and the animated series too. If anyone would know about plans to resurrect the "Men in Black" franchise, it's them.

Besides, there have been rumours of a "21 Jump Street"/"Men in Black" crossover after a leaked e-mail hinted that Sony was planning for it. However, neither Parkes nor MacDonald has confirmed whether the new reboot would involve the "Jump Street" franchise or not.