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The fact that most of us know "Lannisters always pay their debts," and joining an introductory course in High Valyrian Dothraki online doesn't sound as bizarre as it should, is monumental to how "Game of Thrones" has influenced our society in a short while.

Since its premiere on April 17, 2011 on HBO, the American fantasy drama television series has enjoyed large viewership, which has only increased over time.

Now, it has been made official on Variety that the fantasy drama is the most popular series in the network's history, surpassing "The Sopranos" finale as the most-watched HBO episode. Episodes of the show, which first air on Sunday nights, have an average gross audience of over 18.4 million viewers across all digital platforms.

As the outrageously large number of characters belonging to more rival dynasties that we can sanely keep track of vie for control over the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, the audience can't help, but be invested in them, although it has been proven time and again that all of them will inevitably plummet into sudden and unpredictable deaths.

As Cersei Lannister famously told Eddard Stark on the seventh episode of first season, "When you play the 'game of thrones', you win or you die".

Weeks after "Red Wedding" came out, people around the world were debating and discussing it; in a massacre arranged by Lord Walder Frey as revenge against King Robb Stark for the breaking marriage pact between House Stark and House Fray, King Robb, his pregnant wife Queen Talisa, mother Lady Catelyn and most of his banner men and men-at-arms are murdered following the marriage feast and bedding of Robb's uncle Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey.

Since the moment we set eyes on the arrogant boy-king, Joffrey, we have hated him. Still, we were unprepared for his sudden yet slow death during his wedding to Margery Tyrell in "Purple Wedding".

Tyrion is continually provoked by Joffrey throughout the feast as he gets drunk and ends up emptying a large royal chalice of wine over him. A little later, he begins to cough violently and lies on the floor dying, as he points at Tyrion, who is emptying the chalice from which Joffrey was drinking; practically accusing the former of poisoning his wine. This allows Cersei Lannister to order his arrest.

While Tyrion after an unjust trial for the murder of Joffrey chose for "a trial of combat", Oberyn Martell of Dorn agrees to fight for him. Nicknamed "Red Viper", he appears to be winning the battle against Cercei's choice fighter, Gragor Clegane ("The Mountain").

He asks him to admit that "You raped her! You murdered her! You killed her children!", referring to his sister Elia Martel. Oberyn during the last minutes of the fight is caught by surprise when Clegane trips him and pulls him to the ground, grasping him around the neck and slamming his fist into his face, knocking most of his teeth out. He proceeds to sadistically admit to raping Elia, killing her children and her.

Referring to Red Viper's death, Lena Heady, who plays Cersei, posted a picture of her with Pedro Pascal on her Instagram account, mimicking his death on the show, that became very popular among fans.

Lena Heady and Pedro Pascal
Lena Heady and Pedro PascalInstagram/Lena Heady

It is not just the deaths that happened in public that caught us by surprise, though. Just recently, Sansa Stark was the witness to a memorable death, in which her aunt Lysa, the Lady of the Vale, was pushed to death through the moon door by her husband Petyr Baelish.

While all attention and expectations were centred on Tyrion losing his life in the season finale, it was his father, Tywin, who paid the price. Tyrion climbs up to the Hand of the King's bedchamber after escaping from prison to find his former flame Shae lying on his father's chamber.

Tyrion asks Shae if she ever enjoyed their time together — if she ever cared for his embrace, if she ever truly loved him. The answer she gives becomes her death sentence.
"More than anything," she said, "My giant of Lannister."

After chocking her to death with a chain, he grabs a crossbow and sets out to find his "loving father," who is seated in the dimness of the privy tower, bed robe hiked up around his hips. During the conversation that ensues, Tywin calls Tyrion's first wife a "whore."

Tyrion took aim at his father's chest. "The next time you say that word, I'll kill you." True to his word, a crossbow sat just above his groin, as soon as the words, "wherever whores go" left his mouth.

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