Mehdi Abouelmahassine
Mehdi AbouelmahassinePR Handout

Graphic designers bring ideas to life from platforms like movies, logos, banners, animations, marketing things. When you ask Mehdi Abouelmahassine where did he get the inspiration to do work, his answer is straight "everywhere". He feels graphic designers look for attractive things that can inspire them to bring something new for our clients.

According to Mehdi Abouelmahassine, there is no fixed work time for a designer as an idea can strike at any time. It may take as less as 10 seconds and it can also take 10 hours or even 10 days.

Mehdi Abouelmahassine likes to design which have some meaning to it, and it should be visually pleasant, intellectual and helpful for business. "It is excellent to be a graphic designer, but it takes the hell out of you when it comes to creativity, you should be creative and bring new things to the market. Ddon't worry about results because universe is quite big and not all will like your work or Idea. Your focus should be your clients and their targeted audiences," he said.

Mehdi Abouelmahassine also said that it is not about being at once place and doing what you like; it takes endless meetings, talks with different people of the same company, sometimes it can be frustrating.

Mehdi has mostly done sports work till now, and his work got appreciation by his clients. He regularly gets updated with the latest trends in the graphics world.