Meghan Markle
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In what can be said as the most talked-about father-daughter row since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, the ongoing emotional drama between the Duchess of Sussex and her family seems to have finally ended in the name of the royal baby.

One of Meghan's friends told the Mail on Sunday that the Duchess of Sussex seems to have realised that all the harsh words and exchange over the past few days should end. As she welcomes her first child, the Duchess wants to start on a fresh note with her father and sister. "Meghan hopes and prays that the baby will bring her family back together," the friend revealed.

Her friend further revealed that Meghan would be inviting her family over to Frogmore residence, once the child is born. "She plans to extend an olive branch to the family." Meghan understands that there are complications in this direction and that her family is under extreme pressure. Meghan is reportedly saddened by what her family had to endure in the past few months.

Even, Meghan's father is aware of the fact that their daughter has been "busy and (they) have always supported her efforts in the past, despite it leaving her little time to spend with them," the friend said.

This news about their potential reunion has come as a shock to many people, especially Meghan's fans, after the rude behaviour she had to endure from her own family.

Meghan Markle and Samantha Markle
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Recently, in January, Samantha spewed some more accusations and once again reminded her that she should stay grateful to her father (Thomas Markle). "Thank him for your college education, your career, building every stage you set foot on, but really appreciate the people that care about you," she said to Meghan Markle, in public, to make sure that everyone knows about the rife.

Samantha even did not spare Meghan when the latter visited New York for the 'expensive' baby shower, that was attended among others by high-profile celebrities. She reminded her sister that  she did not visit her father despite being the in same country.

"Setting all personal things aside, I understand a baby shower is an exciting time – it's about getting with friends, getting things ready for the baby. But you are on this continent Meghan and I would just really love to see her have contact with my dad while she's here," she told DailyMailTV.

Now that Meghan has extended an olive branch, it remains to be seen whether her family reconciles and reunites for the sake of the royal baby in their midst soon.