Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan MarkleReuters

Despite Price Harry's advice on not to collude with the paparazzi, Meghan Markel's father staged photos with the British paparazzi and claims to have lied about it to Harry.

A week before the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan, the duchess's father colluded with the paparazzi and staged photos with him browsing through pictures of his daughter and son-in-law in Mexico with photographer Jeff Rayner but lie about it to Harry, according to his recent interview with The Mail.

In the interview, he said that Harry did warn him in the past about not getting involved with the paparazzi and that if he did, "They would eat him alive and things would only end in tears." He now admits that Harry was right.

Even before the news went to the press, Harry had called Thomas Markle to enquire about the news but Thomas blatantly lied saying, "No, I was being measured for a hoodie."

After the news became public, Thomas received another call from the prince saying this "never would have happed if you had listened". Thomas, who was recovering from a heart attack at that time said "you would be better off if I were dead" and claims to have hung up on the prince.

According to an interview with Good Morning Britain, Thomas had apologised to the couple and said that they were very forgiving about it.

The 74-year-old, never really had anything good to say about the royal family. In his recent interview with The Mail, he said that the royal family is trying to cut off all communications with him. Even though he made headlines across the world for pulling out of the wedding ceremony a few days before, he wishes only good for his daughter and son-in-law.