Meghan Markle may be making some big moves career-wise. Reportedly, the Duchess of Sussex could relaunch a new version of her defunct lifestyle blog The Tig, a royal expert has claimed. Ever since Meghan Markle resigned from Royal life, questions have been raised about how the Royal couple planned to earn a living.

Though they had claimed that they had left Royal life behind in a bid for financial independence, the Royal Palace was still footing the bill for their luxurious lifestyle.

meghan markle
meghan markle

The Tig- Meghna's personal blog

The Royal couple at first settled into a lavish multi-million dollar mansion in Canada only to ditch it and move to Los Angeles in an equally extravagant mansion. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have yet to announce any concrete plans to support their financial independence. But it looks like Meghan Markle may finally be taking a big step in that direction.

It is known that Meghan Markle, deactivated her popular site in April 2017 before announcing her engagement to Prince Harry, in November of that year.

The Tig, which was launched in 2014, was the actress' personal blog in which she shared some of her favourite things - ranging from food and travel to fashion, beauty, politics and inspirational women - with her fans.

meghan markle a
meghan markle

And fans have apparently been clamouring for her to revive said blog. And now royal expert Myka Meier predicted that Meghan could also open a new Instagram account, after being forced to shut down the Sussex Royal account when they stepped down as a senior royal.

'I think Meghan is going to have another Instagram,' Myka told the Royally Obsessed podcast last week. She added that she thought that Meghan would do something like the Goop, which of course is actress Gwyneth Paltrow's extremely successful lifestyle blog.

She went on to say that it could be a new version of the Tig. She claimed to have insider knowledge while saying that Meghan might already be working on something like that.