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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a surprise visitor. Reportedly, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex secretly held a meeting so their "idol", Dr. Jane Goodall could say hello to their son Archie.

According to the Mirror, the Duke and Duchess invited the chimpanzee specialist to their Frogmore Cottage property last month. Reports suggest she had the chance to give the then-five-week-old a cuddle. That is quite an impressive guest for sure.

Reportedly, the visit comes after Dr. Goodall saw Harry stopover at one of her 'Roots and Shoots' youth programmes. Apparently, there, the 34-year-old began to gain a better understanding of what the initiative involves. Dr. is of the opinion that fatherhood is the reason Prince Harry is interested in the project. She reportedly told him that of course he was interested in Roots and Shoots, especially now that he has a baby and he seems to have agreed. 

People's Climate March
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (L), French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius (3rd L), animal activist Jane Goodall (C), former United States Vice President Al Gore (3rd R), United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (2nd R) and French Environment Minister Segolene Royal take part in the "People's Climate March" in Manhattan, New York on 21 September 2014.Reuters

Dr. Goodall also seems to have revealed that Meghan admitted to being an admirer of her work for many years. She described Meghan as saying she "hero-worshipped" the 85-year-old, who had been her "idol" for many years.

It is known that Dr. Jane Goodall is a prominent primatologist and anthropologist. Considered to be the world's foremost expert on Chimpanzees. It looks like Meghan and Harry have the right idea when it comes to shaping baby Archie's mind. We have to say that the couple Sussex may be the type of parents that prioritise education and an informed mind. Despite all the criticism Meghan has been facing recently, the Duchess needs to be given props for exposing baby Archie to Dr. Jane Goodall, even if baby Archie might have no memory of the event. As a parent, we have to say that it is a good start.