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The alleged feud between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle may have taken a turn for the worse. Reportedly the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge were seen out with their young children at a polo match Prince Harry and Prince William were playing in.

However, the Royals appeared to ignore each other. Now one body language expert has claimed Meghan "deliberately" avoided Kate because she is "highly protective" of two-month-old Archie. Both Kate and Meghan were watching the polo match from the sidelines, with Meghan holding Archie close and Kate crouching with one-year-old Prince Louis.

It is no secret that Meghan is protective of baby Archie. The same can be said of any mother. Even Kate would be fiercely protective of her children. Body language expert Judi James told Fabulous Digital: "What we're looking at appears to be two mothers wrapped up and lost in their own worlds." 

Meghan Markle
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Commenting on the visible distance between them, Judi said: "Kate stays down, Meghan stays up and neither seems willing to meet in the middle.....Instead, Meghan seems to stand alone and wary with a high protective grasp on her little boy - as if to say it's me and Archie against the world."

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's feud may have escalated to a cold war of sorts, with neither Royal acknowledging the other. Meghan Markle is the newest addition to the Royal Family, and we have to say that she may need to take the first step in smoothing things out with Kate, if indeed there is a need for smoothing things over. You can check out the video here: