Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle shocked the world when she announced that she would be resigning from her "senior" Royal role along with Prince Harry. The decision was attributed to the Royal couple seeking financial independence.

And now it looks like Netflix might be the way Meghan Markle will earn that independence. Meghan Markle was rumoured to be returning to the screen with good friend Jessica Mulroney for her Canadian Netflix show.

However, since the rumours began circulating, palace sources have disputed the claims. The Duchess of Sussex was reportedly meant to be appearing on Netflix reality show, 'I Do, Redo.' In a statement to MailOnline, the source said the rumours are "categorically untrue." CTV, who partnered with Netflix for the show, also denied the reports. Reportedly, the show is set to appear on Netflix and will be hosted by Ms. Mulroney, who is a close friend of Meghan's. 

Meghan Markle
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So, for now, it doesn't look like Meghan Markle will be returning to Hollywood, so as things stand, Meghan and Prince Harry do not have a concrete plan to gain their financial independence. It looks like, despite their exit from Royal roles, their extravagant lifestyle will still be funded by the Royal Palace.

The couple Sussex also announced that they would be splitting their time between the UK and the United States with Canada being their base of operations. This decision too has been met with criticism and opposition from Canadian citizens who refuse to foot the bill for Meghan and Harry's extravagant lifestyle in their country. It was also reported that Meghan was eyeing a luxurious mansion in Canada to set up shop.