Tathagata Roy
Meghalaya Governor, Tathagata Roy has called for boycotting Kashmir made products and Amarnath pilgrimageTwitter

In a shocking display of hate, Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Roy has called for boycotting 'everything Kashmiri', including the Amarnath Yatra, following the Pulwama terror attack. Later, Roy also responded to the criticism that he faced on Twitter and said that he stood by his words.

"I am not asking to blind or kill Kashmiris. I am simply saying that we should use a non-violent way to express our resentment. Can't I express my own opinion? Is there any constitutional provision or any Indian court directive which prevents me from saying so? I haven't done anything wrong legally," Roy told Quint.

He had earlier tweeted a statement of a retired Indian Army colonel which said that all things-Kashmiri should be boycotted and no one should visit the valley for Amarnath pilgrimage for next two years.

Twitter calls for sacking Tathagata Roy

The Meghalaya Governor's tweet sparked a lot of criticism on social media with many calling it as an act of xenophobia or dislike/ prejudice against a particular community. Some political leaders also called for the sacking the Meghalaya Governor over his controversial remark and driving to divide India into communal lines.