Viren Sharma
Viren Sharma

We have seen a rise in pet lovers in recent time. People are now taking good interest in keeping pets at their home. First, it was a rich people's and celebrities choice. But from the past decade or so the trend is changing in India. Now we are seeing lots of middle-class people too are keeping pets, especially dogs at their home.

This rising trend of keeping dogs at home is all thanks to people like Viren Sharma. Viren comes from Rajasthan and known for his work from a long time in entire Rajasthan and now in India.

Viren Sharma has brought lots of awareness regarding dogs, its benefits and everything. He has served lots of different kind of Dogs from various countries which he generally gives to celebrities, B-town people, models, and entrepreneurs who are close to him. Selling Dogs have been an easy task for him now.

He always does shows and all regarding dogs, in which you see lots of well-known people in his programs who take part in his every concept. Viren is trying lots of new things for making it more prominent in India and also outside India. He wants every Dog get shelter, a family who can take care of them. He is a true dog lover of India.

Viren works smartly every year launch carnivals, Dogs Pool parties, and all Dog-related events. Lots of celebrity join him to his cause, and every activity which he organizes are always successful.

Viren's dream is to organize the world the most significant event in India, where people from around the world showcase their pets here in India. By this, he wants to show people of India how pets are kept outside India and how much care families take of their pets like and family, which is lacking in India.

Here wishing Viren Sharma real Dog lover of India for his future events and we hope he brings awareness in public for keeping pets at home.

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