Reena Dwivedi is the latest internet sensation after her picture went viralFacebook

The Lok Sabha election fever is still riding high among the people and the reasons are not entirely political. Two women poll officers Reena Dwivedi and Yogeshwari Gohite posted in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, respectively have taken the internet by storm with their pictures going viral. Reena and Yogeshwari were seen carrying the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) wearing a lovely yellow saree and a blue dress on the polling day, which has turned them into overnight sensations.

Both the ladies have been flooded with friend requests on Facebook from people who are curious to know about them. Coincidentally, both of them are not only good looking officers serving in various capacities but young daunting mothers too. 

Reena who reported to work on the day when Lucknow was going to polls flashed her smiles to the camera when a colleague captured her picture with EVMs. Little did she know that her photograph would earn her thousands of admirers from all over the country. The 32-year-old internet sensation who is posted as a junior assistant in the PWD department in Lucknow said that she is enjoying every moment of her new-found fame and doesn't mind winning admirers.

But for her, the biggest compliment came when her son, a class 9 student, had to convince his friends that the lady in the yellow saree carrying an EVM was actually his mother. "I was married at a very young age. And I keep myself physically fit. I have been posted for the election duty before as well in Lok Sabha 2014 and state Assembly 2017 elections," she told The Times of India.

Reena said that she is a firm believer in democracy and would exercise her right to vote in her hometown Deoria along with her husband on May 19, the final phase of elections.

Yogeshwari, who works with Canara Bank, also turned into a celebrity with everyone wanting to click a selfie as soon as she caught the cameraperson's eyes. Soon, the buzz was "who is that girl in the blue dress?"

Yogeshwari Gohite, Bhopal based Canara bank officer is the new internet sensation, thanks to the above pictureFacebook

Yogeshwari even took a day off after the journalists rushed to her residence for interviews and said that in the wake of so many friend requests, she might be forced to make her Facebook profile private.