Music is one of the best therapy for happiness. Any kind of music which pours joy in one's stressful life is blissful. The music industry is blessed with talented artists that have entertained audiences with their creativity in the music field. There are numerous versions of music, but in today's era, Hip-Hop and Rap as a special music genre has made its space in this huge industry. The music industry has been one huge tool, platform, and base housing many diverse talents. Thousands of music artists try their luck to get a chance to explore their talent within the music niches and entertain millions of audiences across the world but not all of them cross the line. With cut-throat competition, it has become difficult for next-gen music professionals to live up to the expectations of the audiences and constantly deliver different music. Hip-Hop artist and music professional, Samuel Hill aka TRUF's singles have been a hit and attracted a lot of fans and followers.

Being drawn towards the world of music since a tender age, it was no brainer for him to choose the music industry as a full-time career and profession. He knew that the road to success will not be a rosy one, he diligently worked hard to hone his musical skills and expertise. Today, he has become one of the most sought-after Hip-Hop artists in the country who has garnered a lot of love, fame, and recognition. His love and passion for music is glimpsed in his work. It's not like walking in a park to write the lyrics, create effective music, and to give a mesmerizing vocal performance to entertain the audience. His hard work, determination, and consistency has resulted in him being an all-rounder performer.

He was always inspired by 2pac, Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, Notorious Big, DMX and Snoop Dogg. He learned a lot by observing their every move and tried to develop his own style of music making. Learning the tips and tricks of singing and music making, he has been able to release many singles that have created a special place and niche for himself within the music industry. Some of his hits include songs like- Tear it Down, Tik Tik Boom, The Return, Thanos Pt. 1, Halo, Might Do, Ain't Got Time, Champion, Can't Right Now, and the latest single Body ft. the game.

He is working on many more exciting projects which are due to be released soon. You can also listen to his music on Apple Music.