Many adorable baby videos have gone viral on social media. However, this will be the first time many will be watching a baby who simply, don't want to stop hearing stories.

Meet this baby boy, who loves story-time so much that he hates to hear the word 'THE END' after his parents finish reading his favourite stories.

In a viral video, the baby is seen crying every time his parents are done with the reading session and the tiny tot will not stop crying until his parents start reading the book again.

The mother has even called the baby "the saddest bookworm".

The video titled 'The saddest bookworm' uploaded on YouTube by leesedanielle has gone viral within a day and has received more than 263,000 views at the time of reporting. 

The couple has also added some footage of other story-time sessions, which also show the kid crying in a similar way.

"He knows no greater sadness than the end of a book," reads the description of the viral video.

Since the name and nationality of the baby is unknown, IBTimes had tried to contact the baby's mother for more details and is awaiting her response.