Sachin Bhati
Sachin Bhati

"Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai." Isn't that true? You should be self-inspired, passionate about what you want to become in your life, about your dreams. Meet Sachin Bhati, a well-known Vlogger proved it true and yes, it's his success mantra as well.

About Sachin Bhati

Sachin was born and brought up in Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh. Since childhood, Sachin was fascinated towards dancing, acting as well as sports. He was the average student of school but was good at leadership qualities. Thus, was selected as Head Boy of the school in 12th class. He was completely fascinated towards movies. He used to watch movies all the day and mimic actors, copy their dance steps. Seeing his interest in this area, his parents decided to join the dance classes, but because of studies, Sachin left the classes. He concentrated on his academics. Sachin completed his Engineering degree as a BioTech Engineer from Noida International University.

He was an active member of college drama team and participated in various shows. Sachin realized that his future was in acting and dancing. He followed his passion with complete support of his parents.

His friend, Amit Bhadana was real supporter and encourager who started his own Video Blogging Channel and encouraged Sachin to work along with him.

Brilliant acting skills, Mimicry, as well as dancing skills made Sachin Bhati a star overnight. He also has started his own YouTube channel named "Sachin Bhati".

Sachin not only help Amit Bhadana in making videos but also acted in many videos. Sachin found himself lucky enough to be the part of Amit Bhadana and team which taught him a lot about acting and how to be presentable in front of viewers.

As acting was the only passion of Sachin, he is truly living his dream right now! That's so nice! Everyone wishes to live his dream life and Sachin is blessed to have a supportive family and even friends, who help him in living his dreams.

Sachin truly believes in hard work and Destiny. His simple life mantra is, "Keep working hard and it will definitely take you to a better place." It's rather true; we must always follow our dreams and passions and dedicate our life to achieve them.

Whenever Sachin meet new aspiring actors, he encourages them to follow their passion as he believes that Passion gives you wings, with which you can fly higher and reach your ultimate goal.

Isn't that an inspiring story? Really, Sachin Bhati as proved true that if we decide to follow our dreams with true dedication & passion, the whole Universe help us to achieve the same. Wow!!

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