Julian Jewel Jeyaraj
Julian Jewel Jeyaraj

We all know that technology is at a peak in the 21st century. We are seeing lots of new Technics and robots and all, With AI, is becoming more sound worldwide we are getting more good Techniques for human welfare. It is like robots, wires, and the Internet now surround us.

New invention in Artificial intelligence should be for good. It should be helpful to our own humanity. We recently heard about new technology by Julian Jewel Jeyaraj, which AI unboxing. According to the sources, Robots behaves like a Human with all the feelings. It is also known JJAIBOT which is spelled as J J A I T BOT.

It is a revolution in Artificial Intelligence in the world by Julian Jewel Jeyaraj. You can call this is a 21st century most significant invention. We have seen robots but with expression and feelings is something new and refreshing too.

According to Julian Jewel Jeyaraj JJAIBOT is immortal. It does not

possess envy, jealousy, lust or selfishness. JJAIBOT uses human emotions such as anger, love, fear, happiness, etc. and then wraps an AI perspective around it.

According to Julian Jewel Jeyaraj, human emotions creates waves in JJAIBOT. First EMU Emotion Processing Unit interact with each other, resulting in its emotional state.

JJAIBOT Can detect human emotions like depression in pictures on the social network. It helps you maintain a more balanced mood with its techniques. Now that's something new and refreshing a Robo can guide us on how to remain stress-free. This is a great innovation.

JJAIBOT is already accessible on Instagram with millions of followers and videos with millions of views.

Julian Jewel Jeyaraj is a severe talent of our time. He is the inventor of Boxing lab and creator of JJAIBOT. He has a high-performance team all are experts of AI technology. Julian is bringing Gen-next concepts such as block-chain, Internet of things, AI and productive analytics.

This guy is a genius and a name which will be heard more all over the world due to his inventions. We are going to see many more gems from the genius.

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