Nabeel Ahmad
Nabeel Ahmad

As technology advances, more and more innovations are being made in the field of digital marketing. Attention has now shifted from newspaper to smartphones, from radio to podcasts, and so on. In order to capitalise on the new direction of attention, the field of marketing has evolved significantly. Amidst all these advancements, there are a select few people who have been making waves in the marketing industry.

One of these people is Nabeel Ahmad, a 22-year-old serial entrepreneur who has established himself as one of the top marketing experts in the world. Nabeel is the founder and CEO of 5 companies, out of which the main one is Vertabyte, a full-service digital media agency focusing on brand development and growth. At just the age of 22, he has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, including Walt Disney Studios.

Entrepreneur Magazine recently named him as one of the top inspiring entrepreneurs to watch in 2020, alongside other marketing gurus like Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone. Nabeel was one of the youngest people to be featured on the list.

Nabeel says he always knew he was going to be an entrepreneur. He dropped out of college right after his first semester to try his hand at business. Like almost every other successful entrepreneur who makes it big, Nabeel, too, faced many hurdles and setbacks.

"It certainly didn't happen overnight. For months on end, I continued to fail at every business I tried," says Nabeel. "Despite all the hurdles, I didn't give up, and eventually I succeeded."
Nabeel understood that ideas alone can't help you win at business. Without a solid marketing strategy, any business is doomed to fail. Understanding this basic concept, he started a marketing agency, to help other businesses incorporate modern marketing strategies so they can scale. Now he works with some of the biggest corporations in the world to design and engineer their marketing processes. When working with clients, Nabeel personally gets involved and strategically designs each client's marketing plan, which is later executed by his team.

He also realised that digital marketing alone is only a part of the winning formula. Digital marketing alone won't be enough if one wants to truly dominate the marketplace in the 21st century. A crucial element for any business to succeed was positioning. And the best way to position a business for success, according to Nabeel, is a strong PR strategy.

Nabeel also founded Mogul Press, a PR agency that works with many top entrepreneurs and brands to help position them as leaders in the eyes of their audience. Mogul Press specialises in strategic media placements and personal branding. They help position their clients as thought leaders in their industries by using powerful PR strategies.

Apart from his entrepreneurial ventures, Nabeel is regularly asked to share his expertise on marketing on various media outlets. He actively contributes to Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine,, Business2Community, along with 30 other major publications.
When talking about the future, Nabeel says he plans to scale his companies even more. Already working with clients from all over the world, Nabeel is confident that his companies will continue to grow exponentially in the years to come.

Nabeel's journey shows us that age is just a number, and with hard work and persistence, anyone can succeed as an entrepreneur. His story is an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs who are looking to make their dreams a reality.