Naseer Khan
Naseer KhanPR Handout

In the past, only Yashraj banner dared to invest on location for movies and good cars. But today, Bollywood is getting richer in terms of film suits and cars in movies as many good producers are bringing the industry forward with their investments.

We see lots of exotic locations in Bollywood movies and super-cars in recent times. Now the film locations are fine, but have you ever imagined where do the cars come from? Cars like Aventador, ferrari488, ferrari812, Aventador S, Huracan, G63AMG, Rolls Royce, Bentley are seen being used in Bollywood movies.

Young lad from Hyderabad, Naseer Khan, who is known for unique car collections, has a garage full of luxury cars that anyone can have. Naseer is a young entrepreneur from Hyderabad who is fond of super-cars.

He is the man behind Bollywood super-cars. Naseer feels Indian audience deserve something classy in films. It is time to showcase what India has and we too can make films like fast and furious, he believes. He wants to see Hindi films and songs with such cars. He has already given his super beasts in many films and song videos in recent times.

Naseer is also planning to give his cars in Hollywood soon if any producer or director wants for his film or song albums.