Igor Montemor
Igor Montemor

The growth of influencers on social media is remarkable today. They are the perfect mediators between brands and end-users. The rise of influencers started from the West, and Igor Montemor has made many people potential influencers. He was born in Brazil but moved to Florida at the age of 2 because of his father's job. It was in 2011, he began to work as an influencer marketing expert and since then, there's no looking back for him.

It all started in Miami where he spent most of his time in meeting new people. Within no time, he built great contacts after which he started his influencer marketing company. The world of influencers saw a great interest in him. He learnt and understood some important aspects of social media before stepping into an influencer marketer. After his research on what works the best on social media for influencers, he succeeded in making many people bloggers and influencers.

He shared his views on how social media is a pioneer in today's time. Speaking about it, Igor said, "In today's time, social media has no bounds. One can earn millions for a single post, thanks to digital advancement of brand collaborations. There was a time when social media was known only for posting updates and was considered as a chatting platform. But with time, things have changed and soon I feel social media will make every individual self-employed".

Connections Collective is his very own digital agency which is based in Miami, Florida. His agency boasts clients like David Beckham's MLS team Inter Miami CF, Prive Luxury Rentals and many more. The young influencer has made many influencers and has been one of the top names in the influencer marketing world.

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