Athul Jayaram
Athul Jayaram

The world of cybersecurity and ethical hacking has been gaining momentum from the past few years and all thanks to the tremendous growth in the digital and technological medium also leading to scams, hacking and unethical proceedings.

One of the best ways to stop these crimes is to be one step ahead.

Athul Jayaram, based in Kerala opted for a career in cybersecurity research and Ethical Hacking.

An entrepreneur and software engineer by profession, Athul, at a very young age founded Junior hero in 2010, focusing on the entertainment and technology industry. He also claims to have founded Scan social, a social media analytics company in 2010.

Over the years, Athul says he has added a lot to his credit because of his sheer dedication and gained immense work exposure.

In 2015, Athul says he was selected for the Microsoft Student Partners program. In 2017, Athul completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science Engineering at Amity University, Noida, and in December 2017, he was appointed at the National Information Security Council, India as a core team member. In July 2017, for discovering a bug in Google's password system he was enlisted in the Hall of Fame of Google.

He became an Independent Cybersecurity Researcher, an entrepreneur, and an ethical hacker. Notably, in June 2020, he says he revealed a privacy issue of WhatsApp, he stated: "around 3,00,000 WhatsApp numbers from the US, UK, India have been leaked and are available on the open web in plain text". Further, in August 2020, he claims to have revealed a security issue in an Oppo android application which allowed an attacker to take over your phone.

Presently, Athul's venture is about protecting companies and startups from being hacked. Basically, he looks after the security issues in the client's websites, servers, android applications, iOS applications and reports it back to them. As a freelancer, Athul also works with various other companies.