Mathura doctor caught giving his own samples for COVID testing
Screenshot/Social Media.

Over the weekend, a video has been going viral in Uttar Pradesh showing a CHC doctor giving his own samples multiple times to meet his sampling target for COVID-19 testing. The video has raised concerns about cheating the public as well as rigging the COVID-19 testing system. 

Authorities have been alerted on the case of the doctor Rajkumar Saraswat, who works at the Late Dorilal Agrawal Community Health Centre in Baldev, Mathura.

A CHC doctor caught for fake sampling

This particular CHC in Mathura, UP has now confirmed the matter to local media. According to the current rules and regulations, doctors caught for providing fake samples could lose their jobs. A video surfaced on social media earlier on Saturday show, a CHC doctor Rajkumar Saraswat providing his samples for COVID-19 testing.

In the video, one of the staff is seen taking his swabs. This happens not once or twice but he provided his own sample 15 times. This was done to meet the sampling target set for doctors at the CHC. However, his conduct was flagged for being illegal in nature. The samples which are actually given by him then go in under fake names for examination.

A health worker in the video also warns the doctor that this could land him in trouble, however, the doctor continued with the samples. Dr Amit who is also on duty at the CHC has complained to the CMO Mathura in the matter. He further told local media portals that the CHC's in-charge Dr Yogendra Sinha was setting sampling targets and putting pressure on doctors to meet this target, which has led to such a situation. 

It is yet to be seen what action will be taken in the matter.